Bakels India’s Baking Centre was officially inaugurated on 18th Feb 2021 by Bakels Group CEO Patrick Gloggner and Group Technical Director Paul Morrow . This Experience centre is in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. It is an innovative “experiential space” that will enable Craft, Artisanal, and Industrial Bakers to get the best out of a creative environment to develop and test new product concept using a board array of Bakels’ world-class ingredients. It will also serve as the new headquarters for Bakels India. It joins the elite group, becoming the 9th baking centre in Bakels worldwide.


The Bakels India Baking Centre is in the heart of City, a 40-minute drive from Domestic and International airport. The location also features offices, conference room,  meeting room and a relaxed cafeteria.

The conference room can accommodate a large group for meetings and presentations. It also provides an excellent view of the adjacent baking centre. The baking centre is fully equipped with industrial ovens, mixer, refrigeration, quick freezing and ample storage. All aspects of bakery products – bread, cake and confectionery- can be demonstrated. Customers can engage in live baking sessions with facilities for co-creating recipes jointly with Bakels’ skilled team of hands-on chefs. With the latest IT equipment, video conferencing can be carried out in the most professional and modern manner as well.