The term “good things come in small packages” stands true particularly when we talk about the packaging trends for baked goods. In 2022 the industry has certainly shifted to smaller portions and portable packaging due to the changes in consumer preferences during the pandemic.


Packaging Sizes

Bakeries across the country have seen a sharp increase in the purchase of comfort foods such as cakes, pies, pastries, and cookies during the pandemic. Due to rising consumer demand for products with convenient features like portability, resealability and portion control, pouches and rigid containers such as cups, clamshells, and two-piece containers have experienced the fastest growth in the baked goods packaging industry.

Bakery Packaging Types

It is often a challenge to get the packaging of your baked goods just right. Items such as cakes, pastries, pies etc often employ larger and carefully built packaging as they are more delicate and require a greater amount of protection in comparison to items such as bread, cookies, biscuits etc.

There are varied types of packaging for different needs such as:

  • Boxes & Cartons
  • Bags
  • Pouches
  • Containers (Clamshells, Two-Piece Containers etc)
  • Standup Bags and Pouches


Environment-Friendly Packaging

With the increasing awareness around plastic pollution and its harmful effects on climate change, businesses are moving to a more environment friendly packaging approach and that stands true for the bakery industry too.

Consumers have also taken a preference for Eco-packaging as it empowers them to do their bit to negate the damaging impact of plastic waste on the environment.

India and Sustainable Packaging

Ever since the government of India has banned single use plastics during the start of this month, brands across the country have been rushing to find alternative materials for their packaging needs. It is no different for the bakery industry either.

This is where the industry is looking towards a more sustainable and environment friendly option for their packaging needs.

Biodegradable and plant based materials stand out among those that are used for the packaging of bakery products such as plates, cutlery, bowls and boxes. Also taking advantage of India’s rich agricultural landscape brands are moving towards sustainable packaging materials in the form of agricultural waste out of common crops such as sugarcane and wheat.


Eco-Friendly Materials used in Bakery Packaging

In 2022 bakeries around the world have a lot of options from recycled to reusable plastics and paper to completely plant based materials. These alternatives to traditional and harmful plastic packaging are steadily becoming a need of the hour for the baking industry.


These materials could be used by bakeries to take an environment friendly approach to packaging:

  • PET Plastic
  • PLA Plastic
  • Sugarcane
  • Poly-coated Kraft Paper
  • Mineral-Filled Polypropylene
  • Reusable Polypropylene


Why is Eco-Friendly Packaging the way forward for the Baking Industry?

  • It helps reduce the carbon footprint and is better for the environment as it is made with recycled waste materials
  • Easy to dispose packaging goes a long way in helping the environment by recycling the waste materials for other environment friendly purposes
  • Green packaging not only lessens your carbon footprint and environmental impact, but it also offers benefits after its intended usage as they are biodegradable.


We have got the whole “Package” for you!

With changing consumer preferences for bakery items and packaging, Bakels stands a step ahead of the competition by providing baking products that cater to every baker’s varied requirements to suit their style, along with flexible packaging options to move forward with the packaging trends that the industry foresees.