The pandemic posed the biggest test to our bakers across the country. Being stuck indoors, cut off from friends and family and adapting their businesses to the new normal were some of the challenges they faced. In order to engage with our bakers and give them a much needed boost, we launched the Bakels Bake-Off.

The Idea

During the lockdown, while our bakers were innovating to navigate the pandemic, many also rediscovered the joy of baking and experimenting with new kinds of creations at home. ‘Baking’ was one of the top keywords searched during the lockdown. With nowhere to go, they were trying their hands on innovative recipes to enjoy at home. Their belief in the power of baking gave way to Bakels Bake-Off,  a knockout competition that engaged with our home bakers and gave them a chance to showcase their best fondant creations.


32 participants were randomly seeded against each other, in which they competed in a single-elimination format. Our audience voted for their favourite creations on our Instagram stories. Each round had 1 participant progress to the next round and one eliminated. 3 winners were given Bakels hampers.

The Timeline

The campaign was announced on Bakels India’s Instagram page through a Reel, on 22nd June. In less than 48 hours of its announcement, we had the 32 participants for the contest.

Round of 32 – These 32 participants entered the competition with their best fondant creations.

Round of 32


Round of 16 – The top 16 participants fought for a place in the quarter-finals. Best 8, chosen by the viewers, progressed.

Round of 16

Quarter-finals – After closely fought matches in the quarter-finals, the top 4 participants moved to the semi-finals.


Semi-Finals –  Our semi-finalists gave their best shot to find a spot in the much-awaited finals


Finals – They were at a touching distance from winning the title, and our finalists delivered!



  • The campaign’s reveal received 3,300+ plays
  • The announcement witnessed wide participation from bakers, with entries closing in less than 48 hours
  • The campaign helped us reach new milestones on our Instagram page, gaining 18,000+ story views.

As ever, we’re here to support our bakers through challenging times, and Bakels Bake-Off was just our effort to show their outstanding creations to the world. If you’re looking to kick-start your next bakery development, get in touch with us.