The holiday season has returned! It’s that time of year again, full of warm celebrations, sweet memories, and oh so much food! Diwali, which marks new beginnings, is celebrated on the new moon at the end of October and beginning of November. Diwali is celebrated to usher in new light through the darkness. Diwali is known as the “festival of lights,” but it also celebrates the delicacies that have been popular for years. The tradition of celebrating Diwali with sweets stems from the belief that sweets are pure enough to be offered to the Gods. Though the season is driven by tradition, experimenting with fun new twists on age-old traditions is always a good idea.

So, this Diwali, we’re bringing you some exciting, hatke delicacies.

  1. Blueberry Phirni

No Indian festival is ever complete without a bowl of phirni after a filling lunch. Creamy and delicious, phirni is a simple dessert that is a festival must have. But this phirni  has an added twist with a tangy blueberry filling! Super easy to make, all you need is Bakels Blueberry Flavoured Filling or Bakels Les Fruits 50% Blueberry to make your phirni a hit on the dinner table. What’s more is, you have multiple Bakels fruit fillings you can choose from to satisfy your taste buds.

2. Chocolate Nankhatai

Though they need no introduction, Nankhatais are delicious, crumbly shortbread cookies that are enjoyed during all festive seasons. They are the best tea time snack during Diwali, but with a little extra something they can be made more fun. Adding Bakels Apito Chocolate Emulco Paste to your simple nankhatai recipe will revamp a traditional snack and make it perfectly festive for your Diwali tea time. However, if you want to take your nankhatais up a notch, using Bakels Biscuit & Cracker Improvers  will make all the difference.

3. Gulab Jamun Cake Jars

Gulab Jamun cake jars are a great way to switch up a Diwali dessert. By presenting them in cute personal jars, they make for the sweetest gift to give out to your loved ones. Nothing can beat the combination of sweet and rich gulab jamuns with fluffy and creamy cake. Bakels Vanilla Delight Cake Mix is the perfect mix that will help you make the most decadent and delicious cake jars. The Bakels Eggfree Vanilla Treat Cake Mix is also a great option for all vegetarians; sure to be the talk of the town.

4. Motichoor Donuts

We can’t talk about mithai without talking about one of the most loved sweets in the country– the motichoor ladoo. Motichoor ladoos are crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth delicacies that when combined with fluffy donuts, make magic. Thankfully for you, making these donuts is so much easier with Bakels Eggfree Donut Mix. You cannot miss out on trying these, this Diwali!

5. Salted Caramel Barfi

In most parts of India, making barfi is a large part of the Diwali festivities. So why not go all out and experiment with different flavours? These salted caramel barfis are a great way to make your regular mithai gift box look a little more gourmet. The Bakels Caramel Paste makes for the perfect ingredient to make your barfis look professional. You can also go wild with different flavours that you think will make your barfis taste amazing!

We hope this will inspire you to have a memorable Diwali, filled with the most mouth watering delicacies. It’s never too late to try something new and sweeten your festive days.