The world has seen a lot of change over the years, especially with the Covid 19 pandemic. But, one thing that seems to have remained consistent is the people’s love for baking and desserts. It is the love of the people that has made the baking industry such a hopeful one. The industry is set to continue growing even more in the coming years, which raises the question: what new trends will the baking world see next?

We’ve decided to share with you some consumer trends– that are rapidly shaping the industry– that you should definitely look out for.

1. Traditional Dessert With Savoury Flavours– Rosemary And Thyme Cheesecake


Image source: Fresh Living

If you think of sugary sweetness when we talk about desserts, then the time has come to finally challenge that idea. A lot of trend-setting bakers and chefs are creating the desserts merged with savoury tastes. Consumers are loving offbeat desserts like the Rosemary and Thyme Cheesecake. Made with traditionally savoury ingredients, the delicious cheesecake is a hit among food lovers. So don’t shy away from mixing and matching flavours to make some delicious creations.

2. Crossover baking– Crinkle cookies


Image source: Fit Foodie Finds

Bakers are using their creativity to its maximum potential. By combining the concepts of various desserts, bakers are creating new delicious desserts that, if we’re being honest, should have existed a long time ago! The Crinkle cookie is one such dessert. Cross between a brownie and a cookie, crinkle cookies have a soft fudgy centre with a crispy, powdered sugar outer layer.


Cruffin  is a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin. The pastry is made by proofing and baking laminated dough in a muffin mould. The cruffin is then filled with a variety of creams, jams, or crème and then garnished.


Scone-like dough with a dense, crumbly texture, formed into a muffin shape and filled with a treat of fruit preserves: that’s the scuffin.


Brookies are bars made from marbled layers of fudgy brownie batter and cakey chocolate chip cookie dough.


The Cronut is a pastry. It resembles a doughnut and is made from croissant-like dough filled with flavored cream and fried in grapeseed oil.

3. Trendy Bread– Sourdough, baguette or focaccia


Image source: BBM Magazine

Baking fancy new bread is all the rage now! The love for bread has peaked during the lockdown days and breads like sourdough and focaccia have caught the public eye. People are loving artisan-style baked products, using traditional and local ingredients. Social media networks are flooded with many bread recipes and thousands of sourdough preparation videos, so you just can’t miss them. Consumers now feel more motivated to take up baking that is healthier for themselves and the environment.

4. Healthy is not boring– Zucchini Brownies


Image source: Blissful Bites by Tay


Speaking of healthy bread trends, a noticeable trend among consumers is the new perspective on health and healthy foods. Many delicious desserts that you wouldn’t imagine were healthy, are now trending. Who would have thought brownies could ever be healthy! Well, they can! Using healthy ingredients like zucchini not only make the brownies healthy but also make for a delicious dessert. Zucchini brownies are becoming super popular and well loved among everyone who enjoys a sweet treat, minus the guilt, of course!



5. Baking goes Online– Sharing baked goods is so much easier now

Image source: Food Blogger Pro


Technology has been a huge help to multiple industries. But, the baking industry, especially, has benefited a great deal from social media and technology. The use of QR codes and scanners make it so much easier to make your product visible. What has helped visibility of baking even more, is reels. Bakers from all over can show off their skills and their delicious products with reels. They are easy to share around and can get so many people so quickly.

Consumers have embraced the creativity and imagination the creators have to offer which is what makes the industry so fun and hopeful. These trends all more and more people unite and join in on the joy of baking.