We are more than half way into 2022 and by now all of you must have seen several dozen videos of knives slicing through hand sanitizer bottles, house plants, a pair of crocs, toilet papers and much more. By now you might have guessed it right, everything is cake! This is either a testament to the talent of the wonderful bakers out there OR it is proof that all of us are living in an alternate reality. It has to be the former, right? RIGHT?


These super realistic cakes have made the “Everything is Cake” meme controversial but intriguing enough to become a viral hit across the internet.


Despite the possibility that the pandemic is connected to this widespread inclination toward surreal cake making, some bakers and experts suspect it’s because of the visual nature of Instagram as a platform, that the cakes have been getting more and more realistic and intricate.


Do you want to know the secret of how these hyper realistic cakes have actually come to be? What could be this secret ingredient that is giving these cakes the magical powers to transform into anything and everything? You need not go all the way to Hogwards to find out why, we have got the answer right here for you……….It’s Pettinice!


‘Pettinice’ fondant is ready to roll base icing for the decoration made from sugar, hydrogenated oils, and Water is the preferred selection for creating realistic three-dimensional cakes as a result of its adaptability, stability and impressive shelf-life. This sugary dough along with some stabilizing agents helps achieve that elastic and stretchy texture required for this miraculous outcome.


“Pettinice is popular because it is more versatile than other types of frosting like buttercream as it is easier to sculpt and it will hold the shape. And while there are many edible decorations in the market, how the final product turns out depends on the skill of the baker,” says our very own Pettinice brand ambassador Joonie Tan. “Sometimes people who use commercial RTR(ready to roll) icing incorrectly and it changes the texture. But a skillful baker knows how much to use and how to make it work,” she added.


While we have seen almost everything can be turned into a cake, we are still anxiously waiting for that next thing the internet will throw at us which will make us question reality all over again again. While we all are still on the lookout for what holds next for this unreal trend, one thing is for certain, with so many skilled chefs and bakers turning anything and everything into a cake, the bakery industry has undoubtedly undergone a massive pop culture revolution like none other that we have seen in a very long time and long may it continue.

Picture Credit : Luke Vincentini